Sky Poem: I Ride Too!

I Ride Too!

Seasons change as stars
Ride in cycles through the sky
I ride too!  Spring comes!

muD choHmoH poHmey
chalDaq ghomey lIgh Hovmey
jIlIgh je; tIpoH!

 N: muD:  atmosphere, weather
 V: choHmoH:  cause to alter, change 
 N: poHmey: (pl) period of time

 N: chalDaq: in sky
 N: ghomey: (pl) circle
 V: lIgh:   ride 
 N: Hovmey: (pl) star

 V: jIlIgh: I  ride 
 &: je: and, also
 C: tIpoH: vegetation |  period of time