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UTA - Assisting You in Translating Galactic Languages!





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This JavaScript version of UTA has been coded to work with a subset of Marketa Zvelbil's Vulcan language materials. Vulcan language reference from the Zvelbil's Vulcan language work To see the words it knows press "Show Vulcan Vocabulary" and pick and chose to make your phrases.

"Create a Word" - generates new word using consonants, vowels, and rule
  • C=random consonant here
  • V=random vowel here
  • c=optional (50% chance of putting one) consonant
  • v=optional (50% chance of putting one) vowel
"Replace the Language" replaces the whole "Galactic" half of dictionary with new words based on the rules you provide. Edit the language file -
  • Index = which word pair in dictionary
  • Show = displays "index" entry
  • Update = rewrites word pair with what you put enter.

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