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Galactic  Phrasebook and Dictionary in Java

This program will search Vulcan, Klingon or Romulan dictionaries for words (from either side of the dictionary). It will place the dictionary words in the scrolling window.

Choose the language by pressing Vulcan, Romulan or Klingon - current language will be displayed on the bottom.


Choose "Phrases" for the language and you will get the choice of searching ("lookup") from Ferengi, Vulcan, Romulan,Klingon (tlhIngan Hol and klingonaase), as well as multiple Star Wars languages (see below for list).

Phrasebook Key:


The authoritative source for Klingon language is Marc Okrand's The Klingon Dictionary, which you can purchase from many fine booksellers. I'd recommend getting your copy from the Klingon Language Institute!

For an industrial strength Klingon language computer program, check out d'Armond Speers's classic pojwI'

Please note: This program is case sensitive, if you do not find a match try changing the capitalization (for example "God" versus "god" in Klingon). These vocabularies are based on fan and official resources associated with the Klingon, Vulcan, and Romulan races depicted in the Star Trek films, television programs and books.

For more about the Universal Translator Assistant Project, see the Universal Translator Assistant Project FAQ

The Universal Translator Assistant Project is the first, and to my knowledge only, open source translation tool for a variety of Science Fiction languages.   Our goal is not perfect translation, but fast and fun tools to give you access to the languages of the Universe!

 Why not say it in Klingon? - qatlh tlhIngan Hol Dajatlhbe'?

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