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[Now That You Have Received Christ...]

H ow Daq K DaH T hat C hrist jIH s Daq Y maj L ife
Did SoH receive Christ into lij yIn Sum sincerely praying the suggested prayer? According Daq Daj promise Daq Revelation3:20, where 'oH Ch rist nIH DaH Daq relation Daq? SoH Christ said vetlh ghaH would ghoS into lij. yIn Would ghaH mislead? SoH Daq nuq authority ta' SoH Sov vetlh joH'a' ghajtaH answered lij? prayer ( The trustworthiness vo' joH'a' Himself je Daj. mu')

The B ible P romises E ternal L ife
" The witness 'oH, vam vetlh joH'a' ghajtaH given maH eternal, yIn je vam yIn 'oH Daq Daj. puqloD ghaH 'Iv ghajtaH the puqloD ghajtaH the; yIn ghaH 'Iv ta'taH ghobe' ghaj the puqloD vo' joH'a' ta'taH ghobe' ghaj. yIn These Dochmey jIH ghaj written Daq SoH 'Iv believe Daq the pong vo' the puqloD vo', joH'a' Daq order vetlh SoH may Sov vetlh SoH ghaj eternal" yIn (1 John5:11-13).

tlho' joH'a' often vetlh Christ 'oH Daq lij yIn je vetlh ghaH DichDaq never leave SoH( Hebrews13:5). SoH can Sov Daq the basis vo' Daj promise vetlh Christ lives Daq SoH je vetlh SoH ghaj eternal yIn vo' the very moment SoH invite ghaH. Daq ghaH DichDaq ghobe' deceive. SoH

An important. reminder..

D toH N ot D epend Daq F eelings

The promise vo' God's, mu' the Bible- ghobe' maj feelings- 'oH maj. authority The Christian lives Sum faith() voq Daq the trustworthiness vo' joH'a' Himself je Daj. mu' vam train diagram illustrates the relationship a mong fact ( joH'a' je Daj) mu', faith ( maj voq Daq joH'a' je Daj) mu', je feeling ( the result vo' maj faith je) obedience ( John14:21).


The train DichDaq run tlhej joq without a. caboose , However 'oH would taH lI'be' Daq attempt Daq pull the train Sum the. caboose Daq the same, way as Christians maH ta' ghobe' depend Daq feelings joq, emotions 'ach maH Daq maj faith() voq Daq the trustworthiness vo' joH'a' je the promises vo' Daj. mu'

N ow T hat Y ou H ave R eceived C hrist

The moment vetlh SoH received Christ Sum, faith as an vang vo' the, DichDaq law' Dochmey, happened including the: following

  1. Christ came into lij yIn( Revelation3:20 ; Colossians1:27).
  2. lij yemmey were forgiven( Colossians1:14).
  3. SoH became a child vo' joH'a'( John1:12).
  4. SoH received eternal yIn( John5:24).
  5. SoH began the great adventure vaD which joH'a' created SoH( John10:10; 2 Corinthians5:17 ; 1 Thessalonians5:18).
Can SoH think vo' anything latlh wonderful vetlh could qaS Daq SoH than receiving? Christ Would SoH rur Daq tlho' joH'a' Daq prayer nIH DaH vaD nuq ghaH ghajtaH done vaD? SoH Sum thanking, joH'a' SoH demonstrate lij. faith

Daq enjoy lij chu' yIn Daq the. fullest..

S uggestions vaD C hristian G rowth

Spiritual growth results vo' trusting Jesus. Christ " The righteous man DIchDaq live Sum" faith ( Galatians3:11). A yIn vo' faith DichDaq enable SoH Daq voq joH'a' increasingly tlhej every detail vo' lij, yIn je Daq prac tice the: following

F ellowship Daq a G ood C hurch

God's mu' instructs maH ghobe' Daq lon" the assembling vo' ourselves" tay' ( Hebrews10:25). Several logs meQ brightly; tay' 'ach lan wa' aside Daq the cold hearth je the qul goes. out vaj 'oH 'oH tlhej lij relationshi p tlhej other. Christians

chugh SoH ta' ghobe' belong Daq a, church ta' ghobe' wait Daq taH. invited tlhap the; initiative ja' the pastor vo' a nearby church where Christ 'oH honored je Daj mu' 'oH. preached Start vam, week je chenmoH plans Daq attend. regularly

Special Materials 'oH Available vaD Christian. Growth

chugh SoH ghaj ghoS Daq Christ personally vegh vam presentation vo' the, gospel helpful materials vaD Christian growth 'oH available Daq. SoH vaD latlh, information fill o ut the following form joq write Campus Crusade vaD Christ. P. toH Box593684, , Orlando FL32859.

A dditional jIH nformation

chugh SoH ghaj a forms capable Web, browser je require additional, information please fill out the following: form

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: Address : veng : State : Zip : Hatlh : Telephone : Fax
email: address

chugh SoH ta' ghobe' ghaj a forms capable Web, browser je would rur additional, information please ja'1-800-235-7255 joq write: Daq

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