The Universal Translator Assistant Project


My Commodore 64 Speaks Klingon!  And yours can too!!!

Lately I've discovered (RE-discovered) the joys of Commodore 64 programming!  With Perl5, and QBasic to do initial development and Frodo and VICE C64 emulators to do the rest, I've ported the UTA project tools (or versions thereof) to the Commodore!  Look for more to come!  

These three programs are provided as part of the Universal Translator Assistant Project and are written in compiled CBM Basic. To download them, click on the screen shot and you will get the uuencoded text of the program.

Commodore 64 Programs for Klingon Language
UTA for Commodore 64

uta - provides primitive "translating" of English <--> Klingon. Really doing a relexification between two vocabularies

Screen Shot of Kahless program

kahless - provides vocabularly look up from the Klingon   words in Michael Jan Friedman's book "Kahless".

nlex - vocabulary lookup. A subset of words from the Klingon dictionary and afix charts (noun and verb suffixes, and verb   prefixes).

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