"Mr. Sun" - Southwestern terra cotta sun ornament, bought

at a garage sale, with a broken ray, for $1.75 (24" diameter).

                Bowl/Butterfly bath                         Picture frame "Gazing ball" made from bowling ball


Swan base is a plastic planter from K-Mart - covering includes various shells and ceramic  pieces. Shells are ungrouted.  Warning: plastic is not the ideal base.

                          Shelf in bathroom--grout dyed peach to match walls

   A plate covered with pieces of broken plates! These look great hung on a garden wall.

a cheap metal candy dish can be transformed to a mosaic Butterfly

Butterfly mosaic made using a cheap metal candy dish from a thrift store.

           Bird and turtle made by covering terra cotta decorations.

A mini-gazing ball made from a mini-basketball.  Stand is a citronella candle holder from Target.

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