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5:22    |  a'  ni  rejorhaa'ir  gar,  ibac everyone  Tion'ad is angry
	 ti  kaysh  vod  ures a cause { Note: NU omits “ ures a cause”. }  shall
	 cuyir  o'r
5:22     buruk  be  te judgment;  bal whoever shall say  at  kaysh 
	vod, ‘Raca { Note: “Raca” is  eyn Aramaic  takisir, related  at  te
	 miit  par “ ut'reeyah”
5:22     bal conveying  te idea   cuyir  ut'reeyah-headedness. } !' shall
	 cuyir  o'r  buruk  be  te council;  bal whoever shall say, ‘
	gar  utreekov!' shall be  o'r
5:22     buruk  be  te  tracyn  be Gehenna. { Note:  ra, Hell } 

Looking for Matthew 5:22 | But I tell you, that everyone who is angry with his brother without a cause { Note: NU omits “without a cause”. } shall be in 5:22 danger of the judgment; and whoever shall say to his brother, ‘Raca { Note: “Raca” is an Aramaic insult, related to the word for “empty” 5:22 and conveying the idea of empty-headedness. } !’ shall be in danger of the council; and whoever shall say, ‘You fool!’ shall be in 5:22 danger of the fire of Gehenna. { Note: or, Hell }

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