Enter tlhIngan Hol in form window to parse text.

parsing 'Iv tlhIHvad taHvIp joH'a'mo',:

	*'Iv tlhIHvad taHvIp joH'a'mo',*
*'Iv tlhIHvad taHvIp joH'a'mo' *
Vocabulary initialized at 2479 entries

 ?: 'Iv: who?

 ?: 'Iv: who?

 X: tlhIHvad: *** NOT FOUND ***

 V: taHvIp:  afraid to be at a negative angle 

 V: taHvIp:  afraid to continue, endure, go on 

 N: joH'a'mo': due tobig Lord/Lady head of house

 N: joH'a'mo': due tobig lord

 N: joH'a'mo': due to God