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parsing SuQuchtaH toDtaHghach bIQ SutlhapDI':

	*SuQuchtaH toDtaHghach bIQ SutlhapDI'*
*SuQuchtaH toDtaHghach bIQ SutlhapDI'*
Vocabulary initialized at 2479 entries

 V: SuQuchtaH: you(pl) on-going be happy 

 C: toDtaHghach: rescue |  (nominalizer)be at a negative angle

 C: toDtaHghach: rescue |  (nominalizer)continue, endure, go on

 V: toDtaHghach:  (nominalizer)on-going save, rescue 

 N: bIQ:  water

 V: SutlhapDI': you(pl) as soon as take