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parsing joH'a' penaD, Hoch! pequvmoH 'u' ghotpu'!:

	*joH'a' penaD, Hoch! pequvmoH 'u' ghotpu'!*
*joH'a' penaD  Hoch  pequvmoH 'u' ghotpu' *
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 N: joH'a': big Lord/Lady head of house

 N: joH'a': big lord

 N: joH'a':  God

 V: penaD: you(imp:pl)  praise, commend, approve 

 N: Hoch:  everyone, all, everything

 V: pequvmoH: you(imp:pl) cause to be honored 

 V: pequvmoH: you(imp:pl)  honor 

 N: 'u':  universe

 N: ghotpu': (pl) person