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Scaramucci pa' vo' White House job as John Kelly takes yov 
WASHINGTON AP - Anthony Scaramucci ghaH pa' as White House 
communications director after just jajmey Daq the job - je just hours 
after former Gen John Kelly tlhapta' Dung as President Donald Trump's chu' 
pIn vo' naQ Hoping Daq tlhe' the page Daq a tumultuous opening chapter 
Daq Daj presidency Trump ghajta' insisted earlier Monday vetlh pa' ghaHta' ghobe' 
chaos Daq Daj White House as ghaH swore Daq the retired Marine general as 
Daj cha'DIch pIn vo' naQ Not tIq after Scaramucci 'Iv shocked law' 
tlhej Daj profane outburst last week Daq then-chief vo' naQ Reince 
Priebus ghaHta' ghoSta' In the mu'mey vo' the White House announcement ghaH ghaHta' 
leaving because ghaH felt 'oH ghaHta' best Daq nob Chief vo' Staff John Kelly 
a Say' slate je the ability Daq chen Daj ghaj team The 
three-sentence release concluded We wish ghaH Hoch the best The 
statement about Scaramucci's departure used the rap Say' slate 
language vetlh departing press secretary Sean Spicer used Daq describe 
Daj ghaj meq vaD resigning the jaj Trump qempu' Scaramucci aboard 

AP Exclusive Parole vaD Qup lifers inconsistent across US 
DETROIT AP - Courtroom ghaH nearly empty ghorgh guards qem Daq Bobby 
Hines ghopDu' cuffed Daq front vo' navy prison scrubs It's taH latlh than 
DISmey since Hines Qampu' qaSpa' a noH Daq vam building He ghaHta' 
vaj just pa' vo' eighth grade answering vaD Daj role Daq the chot vo' 
a loD Dung a friend's drug debt He ta'ta' ghobe' qul the HeghmoH shot 'ach 
ghorgh ghaH je cha' others confronted -year-old James Warren Hines ja'ta' 
something rur Let ghaH ghaj 'oH '' mu'mey vetlh sealed Daj conviction 
je punishment mandatory yIn tlhej ghobe' chance vaD parole 

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio convicted vo' ignoring judge's order 
PHOENIX AP - Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio ghaHta' convicted vo' a criminal 
yov Monday vaD refusing Daq stop traffic patrols vetlh targeted 
immigrants marking a final rebuke vaD a politician 'Iv once drew 
HoS popularity vo' such crackdowns 'ach ghaHta' ultimately booted vo' 
office as voters mojta' frustrated Dung Daj headline-grabbing tactics 
je deepening legal troubles The federal judge's verdict represents a 
victory vaD critics 'Iv voiced QeH Dung Arpaio's unusual efforts Daq 
tlhap tough Daq crime including jailing inmates Daq tents during 
triple-digit heat forcing chaH Daq wear pink underwear je making 
hundreds vo' arrests Daq crackdowns vetlh divided immigrant qorDu'pu' 

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Los Angeles reaches Da tlhej Olympic leaders vaD Games 
LOS ANGELES AP - Los Angeles reached an Qochbe'ghach Monday tlhej 
international Olympic leaders vetlh DIchDaq poSmoH the way vaD the veng Daq 
mangghom the Summer Games qaStaHvIS ceding the Games Daq rival Paris 
officials announced Monday The arrangement would chenmoH LA a three-time 
Olympic veng after hosting the je Games With the 
Qochbe'ghach the veng ghaH taking a major step toward bringing the Games 
DoH Daq maj veng vaD the wa'DIch poH Daq a generation Mayor Eric 
Garcetti ja'ta' Daq a statement He ja' 'oH a historic jaj vaD Los 
Angeles vaD the United States je the Olympic movement 

Kenya election official tortured HoHta' jajmey qaSpa' vote 
NAIROBI Kenya AP - An official crucial Daq running Kenya's 
presidential election next week ghajtaH taH tu'ta' tortured je HoHta' the 
electoral commission chairman ja'ta' Monday as SaHta' grew vetlh the 
East African nation's vote again would qab dangerous unrest Wafula 
Chebukati helped identify the porgh vo' Christopher Msando Daq the veng 
morgue je ja'ta' ghaH ghajta' injuries Daq the neck je nach Mssando ghajta' taH 
reported missing a few jajmey ben This ghaH a brutal chot vo' maj 
employee je maH 'oH demanding Daq Sov 'Iv HoHta' ghaH je qatlh 
Chebukati ja'ta' We 'oH demanding government provide security Daq Hoch 
IEBC electoral commission naQ A special team vo' the Directorate 
vo' Criminal investigations ghajta' taH cher Dung Daq investigate Msando's 
chot ja'ta' police pIn Joseph Boinnet 

Farmer suicides Hu' Daq India as climate warms study shows 
NEW DELHI AP - When Rani's loDnal Heghta' Sum drinking pesticide ghaH 
poS the qorDu' Daq debt But 'ach chugh chaH laH pay lItha' the loans Rani 
ja'ta' chaj farming jajmey 'oH Dung There 'oH ghobe' rains ja'ta' the 
-year-old be' vo' drought-stricken Tamil Nadu wa' vo' hundreds vo' 
farmers protesting Daq the capital vaD latlh government support Even 
vaD drinking maH tlhap bIQ neH once Daq jajmey A chu' study suggests 
vetlh India DIchDaq legh latlh such tragedies as climate change brings hotter 
temperatures vetlh damage crops je exacerbate drought For Hoch 
degree Celsius degrees Fahrenheit vo' warming Dung degrees C 
degrees F during the growing season Daq India pa' 'oH latlh 
suicides Daq average according Daq the findings published Monday Daq the 
Proceedings vo' the National Academy vo' Sciences joq PNAS 

IS targets Iraq Embassy Daq Kabul Hoch attackers HoHta' 
KABUL Afghanistan AP - The Islamic State group targeted the Iraqi 
Embassy Daq Kabul Daq Monday tlhej a suicide bomber blowing himself Dung 
outside the lojmItmey tlha'ta' Sum wej gunmen 'Iv stormed Daq the 
building The assault cher lItha' a four-hour firefight vetlh ended neH 
after Afghan security forces ja'ta' chaH ghajta' HoHta' Hoch the attackers 
Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish ja'ta' reporters vetlh cha' Afghan 
employees vo' the Iraq Embassy Heghta' Daq the attack Three police were 
injured ghaH ja'ta' As the attack unfolded pa' were conflicting reports 
vo' casualties tlhej a witness ja'ta' ghaH leghta' porghmey vo' Daq least cha' 
policemen lying Daq the road outside the embassy soon after the attack 

Transgender US mang felt 'fired' Sum Trump's tweet 
BERATZHAUSEN Germany AP - The subject tlhegh read Announcing a 
personal change The U S Army mang tlhapta' a deep breath qaSpa' 
hitting the button vetlh ngeHta' the email Daq latlh than fellow troops 
All considered jIH 'oH je ghaj taH traversing nuq ghaH essentially a 
personal matter 'ach ghaH something jIH must address publicly the email 
stated jIH 'oH transgender The April email officially ended the 
pegh vetlh meQpu' inside Capt Jennifer Sims 'Iv ghaHta' Sovta' as 
Jonathan Sims But the feeling vo' relief swiftly tlhe'ta' Daq unease last 
week after President Donald Trump tweeted vetlh transgender troops were 
ghobe' longer welcome 

Sam Shepard Pulitzer-winning playwright ghaH Heghpu' Daq 
NEW YORK AP - Sam Shepard the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright 
Oscar-nominated actor je celebrated author 'Iv plays chronicled the 
explosive fault tlheghmey vo' qorDu' je masculinity Daq the American West 
ghajtaH Heghta' He ghaHta' Family spokesman Chris Boneau ja'ta' Monday vetlh 
Shepard Heghta' Thursday Daq Daj home Daq Kentucky vo' complications 
related Daq Lou Gehrig's disease joq amyotrophic lateral sclerosis The 
taciturn Shepard 'Iv grew Dung Daq a California ranch ghaHta' a loD vo' few 
mu'mey 'Iv nevertheless produced plays je numerous paqmey memoirs 
je short stories He ghaHta' wa' vo' the HochHom influential playwrights vo' 
Daj generation a plain-spoken poet vo' the modern frontier both 
lyrical je rugged 

The Latest White House jatlhtaH Trump ghaHta' joking about police 
The White House ghaH defending President Donald Trump's recent remarks 
vetlh police shouldn't taH too nice ghorgh transporting suspects ja'ta' 
Monday vetlh the president ghaHta' making a joke On a visit Daq Long 
Island last week Trump implored police officers Please yImev taH too 
nice noting vetlh 'op officers 'oH too courteous Daq suspected 
criminals ghorgh arresting chaH That prompted critics Daq accuse the 
president vo' encouraging police brutality Like ghorgh SoH guys lan 
somebody Daq the car je you're protecting chaj nach SoH Sov the 
way SoH lan lIj ghop Dung chaj nach ghaH ja'ta' putting Daj ghop Dung 
Daj nach vaD emphasis 

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