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AP Top News Daq a m EDT 

GOP senators DaH oppose health care bill as ghItlhta' 
WASHINGTON AP - Nevada Republican Dean Heller mojta' the fifth GOP 
senator Daq declare Daj opposition Daq the party s banner legislation Daq 
scuttle 'ar vo' Barack Obama s health care overhaul Daq Friday latlh 
than yap Daq sink the juv je toD a stinging rebuke Daq 
President Donald Trump unless 'op vo' chaH laH taH qempu' aboard 
Echoing the latlh loS Heller ja'ta' ghaH opposes the juv Daq vam 
form 'ach ta'taH ghobe' rule pa' backing a version vetlh ghaH changed Daq Daj 
liking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R-Ky ghajtaH ja'ta' ghaH s 
willing Daq alter the juv Daq attract support je next week promises 
plenty vo' back-room bargaining as ghaH tries pushing a final package 
vegh Daj chamber 

Over ghotpu buried Sum massive southwest China landslide 
BEIJING AP - More than ghotpu were buried Sum a landslide vetlh 
caused huge rocks je a mass vo' tera' Daq ghoS crashing Daq chaj homes 
Daq a HuD village Daq southwestern China early Saturday officials 
ja'ta' The landslide nuq ghoSta' vo' a HuD engulfed a cluster vo' 
homes je a hotel Daq the village vo' Xinmo Daq Mao County Daq about 
a m the Sichuan provincial government ja'ta' Officials ja'ta' 
kilometers mile vo' road were buried Daq the disaster It s the 
biggest landslide Daq hit vam area since the Wenchuan earthquake Wang 
Yongbo an official leading wa' vo' the rescue efforts ja'ta' state 
broadcaster China Central Television 

Clue Daq Gorsuch's ideology leghpu' Daq pairings tlhej Thomas 
WASHINGTON AP - To legh nuqDaq Justice Neil Gorsuch might fit Daq the 
Supreme Court watch the company ghaH poltaH Gorsuch ghajtaH already paired 
Dung loS poHmey tlhej Justice Clarence Thomas - the bo'DIj s HochHom 
conservative member - Daq separate opinions vetlh dissent vo' joq tlhap 
issue tlhej the bo'DIj s majority rulings While the sample size ghaH 
mach the results cha' Gorsuch s commitment Daq tlha' the strict text 
vo' the chut je a willingness Daq join Thomas Daq pushing the envelope 
further than the bo'DIj s latlh conservatives Gorsuch ghaHta' picked Sum 
President Donald Trump Daq taH a reliable conservative Daq the mold vo' the 
late Antonin Scalia 

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Melania Trump poltaH DC entry low key Barron draws interest 
WASHINGTON AP - Two weeks Daq Daj chu' yIn as a full-time 
Washingtonian Melania Trump ghaH staying teH Daq Daj reputation as latlh 
homebody than social butterfly Not vetlh ghaH hasn t taH busy 
rIntaH Daj duties as wa'DIch lady je wa'DIch mom Job One ghajtaH taH 
settling Daq -year-old puqloD Barron - the wa'DIch loDHom Daq yIn Daq the White 
House since John F Kennedy Jr latlh than DISmey ben Even the mach 
details vo' Hoch recent Barron sighting ghaj drawn interest Daj 
T-shirt reading The Expert Daj grasp Daq a popular fidget spinner toy 
as ghaH exited Air Force One Daj pivot Daq tlhap a picture vo' the Marine 
One helicopter as the qorDu' cheghta' vo' a Father s Day weekend 
retreat Daq Camp David 

Family recalls muSHa'taH nature vo' Seattle mom HoHta' Sum police 
SEATTLE AP - Charleena Lyles loved Daq bom je dance She adored Daj 
loS puqpu' She always smiled 'ach ghorgh facing obstacles Friends 
je qorDu' members jatlh the -year-old pregnant be' shot je HoHta' 
Sum police vam week ghaHta' vaj 'ar latlh than authorities account vo' an 
unstable person 'Iv confronted cha' officers tlhej kitchen knives je ghajta' 
previous run-ins tlhej the chut The Seattle be' ghaHta' kind je caring 
je chugh SoH met Daj SoH would taH drawn Daq ja'ta' Daj older sister 
Monika Williams jIH don t care nuq ghaH ghaHta' ghoS vegh joq nuq 
anybody ghaHta' trying Daq qem Daq Daj ghaH would hit 'oH tlhej a smile 
Williams ja'ta' 

Top scholars Hu' Dung gang violence Daq suburban NY vengHom 
BRENTWOOD N Y AP - Their senior DIS taghta' tlhej sadness je horror 
Two fellow students Daq Brentwood High School were beaten Daq Hegh Daq 
the street The corpses vo' wej latlh were discovered Daq secluded spots 
- Hoch victims vo' suspected gang violence But as chaH ghuH Daq 
graduate Sunday cha' valedictorians je wa' vo' the salutatorians Daq the 
huge school insist chaj stories vo' scholarship unity je perseverance 
deserve as 'ar attention as the carnage All wej 'oH puqpu' vo' 
immigrants je the wa'DIch Daq chaj qorDu'pu' Daq graduate jen school One 
spent Daj junior DIS yIntaH Daq a homeless shelter 

Yemen Daq probe alleged interrogation abuses Sum UAE US 
SANAA Yemen AP - Yemen s internationally-recognized government Daq 
Saturday ordered the creation vo' a committee Daq investigate allegations 
vo' human rights violations following reports vetlh U S military 
interrogators worked tlhej forces vo' the United Arab Emirates 'Iv 'oH 
accused vo' torturing detainees Daq Yemen A copy vo' the order issued Sum 
Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr ghaHta' obtained Sum The Associated 
Press It ja'ta' the investigation would focus Daq areas liberated Sum 
government forces vo' Shiite rebels Sovta' as the Houthis je chaj 
allies The six-member committee DIchDaq taH chaired Sum Justice Minister 
Jamal Mohamed Omar je include representatives vo' the Human Rights 
Ministry security agencies je the prosecution 

Death toll vo' Pakistan attacks climbs Daq 
PESHAWAR Pakistan AP - The Hegh toll vo' twin blasts Daq the 
northwestern vengHom vo' Parachinar climbed Daq overnight bringing the 
overall Hegh toll vo' wej separate attacks Daq Pakistan Daq Friday Daq 
tlhej several others Daq critical condition officials ja'ta' Shahid 
Khan a government official Daq Parachinar confirmed the toll Saturday 
ja'ta' residents 'Iv ghajta' taH preparing Daq celebrate the pItlh vo' Ramadan 
were DaH Daq mourning Lashkar-e-Jhangvi a Sunni extremist group 
claimed the twin bombings Daq a crowded market Daq the Shiite-dominated 
vengHom linking chaH Daq sectarian fighting Daq Syria Dr Sabir Hussain 
an official Daq a government-run hospital Daq Parachinar ja'ta' chaH ghajta' 
Hevta' victims vo' the twin blasts tlhej listed Daq critical 

Hundreds evacuated vo' London towers as qul fallout widens 
LONDON AP - The scope vo' Britain s fire-safety crisis broadened 
Saturday as London officials scrambled Daq evacuate loS public housing 
towers due Daq SaHta' about external cladding qul doors je 
insulation around gas pipes Hundreds vo' residents hastily packed chaj 
bags je nejta' emergency shelter tlhej law' angry je confused about 
the chaotic situation Some refused Daq mej Camden Council ja'ta' 'oH 
decided Daq evacuate the buildings Daq the Chalcots Estate late Friday 
after qul inspectors reported vetlh the blocks were ghobe' safe vaD 
ghotpu Daq Qong Daq overnight Inspectors uncovered problems tlhej gas 
insulation je lojmIt stops nuq combined tlhej the Daq vo' 
flammable cladding meant residents ghajta' Daq mej SIbI' council 
leader Georgia Gould ja'ta' Daq a tweet 

Meal program bridges cultural divisions plate Daq a poH 
PHILADELPHIA AP - On the menu the flavor profiles seemed 
incongruous Chinese dumplings Italian-style roast pork je a Mexican 
chicken dish featuring an edible weed But ghorgh dinner ghaHta' served the 
guests seated je plates qeng foods vo' wej different cultures 
shared 'oH Hoch chenmoHta' sense The 'uQ ghaHta' part vo' Breaking Bread 
Breaking Barriers a yearlong program vetlh brings ghotpu vo' different 
backgrounds tay' vaD a 'uQ featuring chaj cultural favorites 
bridging differences wa' plate Daq a poH People cooking je eating 
tay' happens Hoch jaj 'ach 'oH doesn t often qaS across maj 
social veHmey ja'ta' Anuj Gupta general manager vo' Reading 
Terminal Market the historic je sprawling indoor market je home Daq 
the program 

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