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The Buford Avenue Missle Agency Summer Project

Checking out the ship
Up up and away!
The new ship is really a model of the Mercury Redstone that took Alan Shepherd and Freedom 7 into space. Adapted for flight from a paper model from Delta 7 Studios. Go visit, and you can get a free model of Liberty Bell 7!

Orbiter Sim! A pretty complete AND FREE! Simulator for Windows! ORBITER!

Here is NASA's Mercury page - recommended!

NASA's Mercury page

NOTE: The Mercury Redstone pictured above, is a real ship, and one I've built in my home. However, thanks to the creative use of a digital camcorder, PC and pbrush.exe I have made it appear to be a bit larger than it really is. The real model is about 8 inches. The Mercury spacecraft is really less than an inch across.