MrKlingon's Translation of the Ten Commandments, from Exodus 20

notes:  I did this after a request for "the Ten Commandments in Klingon".  Rather than do the whole of chapter 20, I pulled the commandments text out, in the Lutheran/Catholic traditional numberings.  I've tried to give a pronunciation guide as well;  the frequent "-uh" sound is my rendition of the glottal stop of the "  '  "sound.  The literal rendering of each passage comes from the parsing done by my online Klingon dictionary, which you can find here: http://www.mrklingon.org/uta/GALDict.html

World English Bible
tlhIngan Hol Translation

You shall have no other gods before me.

Qunpu' lo'taHmo' jIH yItamQo'

gods due-to-useing me substitute-don't!

kkhoon-pooh-uh low-uh-tock-moe-uh yih-tahm-kkho-uh

Qunpu': (pl) / god, supernatural being (n)
lo'taHmo': because of/ on-going/ use (v)
jIH: I, me (pronoun)
yItamQo': you(imp:sg/pl) don't!/ exchange, substitute (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

You shall not take the name of Yahweh your God in vain.

nepmo' joH'a' pong yIlo'Qo'

in-order-to-lie God's name don't-you-use-it!
nehp-ho-uh joke-uh-ah-uh pong yih-low-uh-KKHoe-uh

nepmo': because of/ lie, fib (v)

joH'a': God (n)

pong: name (n)

yIlo'Qo': you(imp:sg/pl) don't!/ use (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

joH'a' jaj yIquvmoH. jajvam le'qu' 'e' HochvaD yIja'

God's day you-cause-to-honor. This-day very-special-is that to-everyone you-tell

joke-uh-ah-uh jahj yihqoovmoke. jahj-vahm leh-uh-qoo-uh uh-eh-uh kkhoch-vahd yih-jah-uh

joH'a': God (n)
jaj: day (n)
yIquvmoH: you(imp:sg/pl) cause to/ be honored (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

jajvam: this / day (n)
le'qu': really/ be special, exceptional (v)

'e': that (pronoun)

HochvaD: for / everyone, all, everything (n)
yIja': you(imp:sg/pl) tell, report (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

Honor your father and your mother

SoSlI' vavlI' je yIquvmoH
your-mother your-father and you-honor-them
showsh-lih-uh vah-lih-uh jeh yih-koov-moke

SoSlI': your / mother (n)
vavlI': your / father (n)
je: and, also (conj)
yIquvmoH: you(imp:sg/pl) honor (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

You shall not murder.

yIchotQo': you(imp:sg/pl) don't!/ murder (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

You shall not commit adultery

yInenqu': loDnallI' be'nallI' pagh yInga'chuq!.
lit. be-really-adult: your-husband your-wife either-or you-have-sex-with (i.e.not with someone else)

yih-nehn-kkhoo-uh loadnahl-li-uh be-uh-nahl-li-uh pahggr yih-ing-ah-uh-chuck-kkho-uh
yInenqu': you(imp:sg/pl) really/ be mature/adult (v) (no.object)/him/her/it
loDnallI': your / husband (n)
be'nallI': your / wife (n)
pagh: either/or (conj)
yInga'chuqQo': you(imp:sg/pl) sex (i.e., perform sex; always subject) (v) (no.object)/him/her/it (i.e. not with someone else)

You shall not steal.

yInIHQo': you(imp:sg/pl) don't!/ steal (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

jIllI'mo' yInepQo'
jihl-lih-uh-mo-uh yihnepkkho-uh

jIllI'mo': due to / your / neighbor (n)
yInepQo': you(imp:sg/pl) don't!/ lie, fib (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

You shall not covet your neighbor's house.

jIllI' juHmo' yIghalQo'
jihl-lih-uh jukemoe-uh yIggrhahlkkho-uh

jIllI': your / neighbor (n)
juHmo': due to / home (n)
yIghalQo': you(imp:sg/pl) don't!/ be jealous (of), envy (v) (no.object)/him/her/it

You shall not covet ...anything that is your neighbor's.
jIllI' vay'mo' yIghalQo'
jihl-lih-uh vie-uh-moe-uh yIggrhahlkkho-uh

jIllI': your / neighbor (n)
vay'mo': due to / somebody, something, anybody, anything (n)
yIghalQo': you(imp:sg/pl) don't!/ be jealous (of), envy (v) (no.object)/him/her/it