All the Klingon You Need - Quick Start to the Warrior Tongue

If you study, and practice these words, you will probably be the most fluent Klingon speaker on your block!  In your neighborhood - maybe even in your city!

Here's a few useful words to start with:  Hello, Goodbye, and Hunh?
Hello, Goodbye, Hunh?

tlhIngan Hol




Hello (literally, what do you want?)


Goodbye (literally, Success!)


Hunh? (literally, what did you say?)

Study these  words and you'll always be able to say something !  If you can count from one to ten in Klingon, and do it with STYLE, you can impress anyone.  Practice rattling off your phone number, your address, the time - just reciting the digits - and you're well on your way to being the local Mr. or Ms. Klingon!

tlhingan Hol pronounciation English
pagh paghr zero
wa' wa-uh one
cha' cha-uh two
wej wedge three
loS loesh four
vagh varggh five
jav jav six
Soch shohch seven
chorgh chorrggrh eight
Hut khhoot nine
wa'maH wah-uh mock ten

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