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This Edition of the Galactic Phrasebook is provided to give a sampling of the Klingon, Klinzhai (Klingon variant) and Vulcan languages, for the aspiring student of the known Galactic tongues.
Choices of tlhIngan Hol entries were based on my findings of what people requested on my original Internet Klingon page. Please let me know what phrases you'd like to see!
NOTE: references marked

'av guard (verb) [tlh]
'avwI' guard(noun, lit. one/thing which is/does guard )[tlh]
qa'vIn coffee[tlh]
nuqDaq yuch Dapol where do you keep the chocolate?[tlh]
toH jIDogh well, I be silly![tlh]
'ogh invent, devise [tlh]
*QISmaS* Christmas [tlh]
'Iw blood [tlh]
bang love, one who is loved [tlh]
tIn be big[tlh]
De'wI' computer[tlh]
ghun program (a computer)[tlh]
DIvI' Hol federation language (i.e., English) [tlh]
qorDu' family[tlh]
Dochvam this thing[tlh]
DoghwI' one/thing which is/does be foolish, silly [tlh]
Duy agent, emissary[tlh]
jagh enemy[tlh]
joH'a' big lord (used for God)[tlh]
Qapla' success, goodbye, farewell[tlh]
vaS'a' Great Hall[tlh]
veH tIn Great Barrier[tlh]
HIch handgun[tlh]
juH home, house[tlh]
Hab SoSlI' Quch Your mother has a smooth forehead [tlh]
Quch be happy[tlh]
pIn'a' master[tlh]
toy' serve (a master)[tlh]
nuq what?[tlh]
jup friend[tlh]
ghuy'cha' *@$% (swearing)[tlh]
petaQ %$@$!! (swearing)[tlh]
QI'yaH *?!#@ (swearing)[tlh]
Qovpatlh *%!@*# (swearing)[tlh]
Qu'vatlh #*@! (swearing)[tlh]
taHqeq #$!@# (swearing)[tlh]
toDSaH !@#$% (swearing)[tlh]
yIntagh $#!@ (swearing)[tlh]
roj peace, make peace[tlh]
rojmab peace treaty[tlh]
Dogh be foolish, silly[tlh]
Soj food[tlh]
Soy'wI' one/thing which is/does be clumsy [tlh]
toH tlhIngan Hol DajatlhlaH 'e' DaneH'a'?[tlh] So you want to speak Klingon?
tach bar, saloon, cocktail lounge[tlh]
Daj test inconclusively[tlh]
muS hate, detest[tlh]
muSHa' to love (literally, to dis-hate) [tlh]
tob prove, test conclusively[tlh]
HIq ale, wine[tlh]
HIqqIj black ale[tlh]
nIch ammunition[tlh]
poj analysis[tlh]
QeH be angry, mad[tlh]
'er type of animal[tlh]
chemvaH type of animal[tlh]
Ha'DIbaH meat, animal[tlh]
Qa' type of animal[tlh]
Qogh type of animal[tlh]
to'baj type of animal[tlh]
tlhIj apologize[tlh]
Hovtej astronomer (star-scientist)[tlh]
'ejDo' starship, starship class[tlh]
'ejyo'waw' star base[tlh]
Hov star[tlh]
Hovtay' star system[tlh]
puch toilet[tlh]
puchpa' washroom (bathroom) [tlh]
HIjol beam me up [tlh]
'IH be beautiful, handsome[tlh]
qoS birthday[tlh]
yab mind, brain[tlh]
HoD captain[tlh]
yuch chocolate[tlh]
So' hide, cloak[tlh]
So'wI' cloaking device[tlh]
DIvI'may'Duj Federation battle cruiser[tlh]
may'Duj battle cruiser[tlh]
qughDuj cruiser[tlh]
puqbe' daughter[tlh]
DaHjaj today[tlh]
jaj day[tlh]
pem daytime[tlh]
pemjep midday[tlh]
QI'lop a holiday[tlh]
tlhaQ be funny[tlh]
ghobe' no[tlh]
be'Hom girl[tlh]
loDHom boy[tlh]
jIleghbe' I don't see [tlh]
jIyaj I understand [tlh]
jIyajbe' I do not understand [tlh]
noH judge, estimate[tlh]
yoj judgement[tlh]
ruv justice[tlh]
taj knife, dagger[tlh]
pIqaD Klingon writing system[tlh]
pIntIn Big Boss[tlh]
QI'tu' Paradise[tlh]
chal sky (heavens)[tlh]
qama' prisoner[tlh]
ghunwI' one/thing which is/does program (a computer) [tlh]
qaStaH nuq what happened?[tlh]
qamuSHa' I not hate, detest you (i.e., I love you)[tlh]
quv honor, be honored [tlh]
pay regret[tlh]
lalDan religion[tlh]
bortaS revenge[tlh]
romuluSngan Romulan[tlh]
DuSaQ school[tlh]
yoD shield[tlh]
Duj ship, vessel[tlh]
toy'wI''a' slave[tlh]
DenIb Qatlh Denebian slime devil[tlh]
val be clever, smart, intelligent[tlh]
logh space[tlh]
tengchaH space station[tlh]
'ejyo' Starfleet[tlh]
HoS strength, energy, power[tlh]
veQDuj garbage scow (USS Enterprise)[tlh]
vavma' QI'tu'Daq quvjaj ponglIj... Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name... [tlh]
vulqan Vulcan (place)[tlh]
vulqangan Vulcan (citizen)[tlh]
be'nal wife[tlh]
nay marry (wife does this)[tlh]
loDnal husband[tlh]
Saw marry (husband does this)[tlh]
yIHmey SurghwI' tribble skinner[tlh]
yIH tribble[tlh]
jach scream, cry out, shout, yell[tlh]
HIja' yes, true[tlh]
luq yes, okay, I will[tlh]
wa' one[tlh]
cha' two[tlh]
wej three[tlh]
loS four[tlh]
vagh five[tlh]
jav six[tlh]
Soch seven[tlh]
chorgh eight[tlh]
Hut nine[tlh]
wa'maH ten[tlh]
pagh zero[tlh]
federazhon The United Federation of Planets.[k]
fedegonaase UFP standard language, whatever that is.[k]
gagny Damned.(swearing)[k]
g'dayt Undefined adjectives (gerunds?), roughly equivalent (swearing)[k]
g'daya to ''damned,'' but probably stronger.(swearing)[k]
kaase Hand.[k]
Kahlesste kaase! Kahless' hand,'' an oath referring to the story of the Emperor Kahless, who died with his hand tied to the controls of his ship in a battle against Romulans.[k]
kai Hail, or ''long live''. Used often, as ''Kai ''.[k]
kai kassai The same, emphasized. ''Kai kassai, Klingon!''[k]
khesterex Literally, ''the structure which dies.''[k]
khest To screw up.(swearing)[k]
khesterex thath Screwed up situation.(swearing)[k]
kherx A screw-up.(swearing)[k]
parkhest Damn!(swearing)[k]
khest'n roughly equal to ''damned.''(swearing)[k]
khest't roughly equal to ''damned.''(swearing)[k]
kleon Enemy, or opponent. Same, to a Klingon.[k]
klin That which is Klingon. One can be 'full of klin,' i.e., a worthy Klingon.[k]
Klingon Klingon. Noun only, I think.[k]
----- klingonaase The Klingonese language.[k]
komerex Literally, ''the structure which grows.'' Overtones of ''path,'' or even ''Tao.''[k]
komerex Klingon The Klingon Empire.[k]
komerex zha See 'zha' below.[k]
kuve Servitor; alternative translation is slave.[k]
kuvekhestat Worthless slave(s). See 'khest' above.[k]
kuveleta Half-slave; an insult. Klingons mix races freely, but have cultural prejudices against some.[k]
kuvesa tokhesa
tharkuve Deaf slave, unable to overhear secret conferences.[k]
tharavul Vulcan servitor, lobotomized to remove the Vulcan's telepathic powers. This is done voluntarily.[k]
----- straave, straav' Slave.[k]
tokhe straav' Willing slave. Just about the worst insult one can call a Klingon.[k]
tai Worthy, honored.[k]
epetai-zana Honored and exalted one.[k]
tai-kleon Worthy opponent. See 'kleon' above.[k]
teskas Compliments, praise.[k]
teskas tal'tai-kleon Compliments to a worthy opponent.[k]
tokhe Willing. See 'straave' and 'kuve' above.[k]
vird'dakaase Disruptor. Literally, ''shake-till-falls-apart tool.'' Note the -aase (or -kaase) suffix.[k]
zan Neutral title of respect; roughly equal to Mister.[k]
zha Game.[k]
klin zha The Klingon game (in several variations).[k]
klin zha kinta The Klingon game with living pieces.[k]
hum zha The Human game, chess.[k]
rom zha The Romulan game, latrunculo.[k]
komerex zha
----- zha riest'n It was a] pleasant game.[k]
sa tel'ren Two out of three. One can't assume sa=2 and ren=3.[k]
humanai kuvest' Either ''human slave'' or ''slave of the humans.''[k]
tokhest' From context, ''if he is willing or not.'' Your guess is as good as mine how much of that is in the -st', and how much is implied.[k]
komerex tel khesterex This was an interjection, probably ''grow or die.''[k]
jachchoHmeH 'Iwraj penaghtaH. Mate until your blood screams.[tlh]
choSuvchugh 'oy'lIj Daghur neH. Struggling only makes it hurt more.[tlh]
QoS sorry, to be sorry[tlh]
jIQum 'ej jIHoH I communicate and I kill[tlh]
mughwI'paq translator-book, i.e. 'phrase-book'[tlh]
qIb galaxy [tlh]
qoSlIj yItIv! Happy Birthday!(literally, Enjoy your birthday!)[tlh]
vav Father[tlh]
SoS Mother[tlh]
vavoy Daddy (dear father) [tlh]
SoSoy Mommy (dear mother) [tlh]
DaHjaj jaj QaQ Daghajjaj Have a nice day! (lit. today day good may you have), note: not a very Klingon greeting.[tlh]
DaH HIHoH Have a nice day! (lit. a command, 'Kill me now!') suggested as a joke - so that naive tourists would ask to be killed. [tlh]
mIghtaHghachvo' yImej 'ej yIQaQ! roj yInej 'ej yItlha' Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.[tlh] Psalm 34.14
toDwI'maj qoS yItIvqu' Merry Christmas! (lit. ''Our-savior's birthday you-enjoy!'') [tlh]

    oops! that should be: toDwI'ma' qoS yItIvqu' Merry Christmas! (lit. ''Our-savior's birthday you-enjoy!'') [tlh]

   The difference is that the suffix -maj means our thing, while -ma' means our person.

yIrojqu' Shalom. (lit. You! Really make peace! [tlh]
ravDaq jIQongnISqu''a'? Do I NEED to sleep on the floor?[tlh]
HItlhejQo'neS Take a hike. Please. Sir.[tlh]
Dochvam vISop net pIH'a'? Am I supposed to eat this?[tlh]
targh Boarlike animal - as close as Klingons come to dog or cat [tlh]
Saj pet - like a dog, or cat - more likely a targ, though. [tlh]
DuSaQ vumghachwIj Sopta' targhwIj My targ ate my homework! [tlh]
nuqneH (lit. what do you want?) Greetings | hello [tlh]
qatlho' I thank you [tlh]
tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a' Do you speak Klingon? [tlh]
rejmorgh SoHchugh vaj yInlIj ghur'a'? Will all your worries add a single moment to your life? Mt.6.27 ([tlh], lit. If you are a worrywart, will your life lengthen?)
Human human [tlh]
yoq humanoid [tlh]
jajlo'bIQ dew( lit. dawn | water) [tlh]
reH nay'meylIjyIn Dujablu'jaj may your dishes be always served alive [tlh]
yItagh (Imperative) you begin! (a process, initiate (no.object)/him/her/it) [tlh]

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