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I heard someone is translating the Bible into Klingon - Is that you?

Read below ( Theory Behind the UTA ) and you'll learn that working with the WEB translation of the Bible  ( ) got me interested in doing mock translations into various Science Fiction languages.

But the UTA project is a pretty simpleminded translation process - The Klingon Language Institute is working on a serious translation (I *AM* involved in that effort - here is some of my work, Psalm 117 and other things.  For the KLI materials click here..  I even intend to use the work I've done on  the UTA tool for doing translations.  But the UTA tool in its current form is rather silly, and does translations more for their entertainment value, than linguistic purity.

Now, as a service of the UTA project, I am providing lookup for WEB, KJV and Douay Bible translations.  In addition, you may "translate" texts into Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan and Esperanto:

Look up passage in the World English Bible:

(note: passages should be in the form:  BOOK Chapter  [Verse [End-verse] ]  )

If you need to know the form of the book titles, type "help"

Look up passage in KJV:

Look up passage in Douay:

note: Douay book titles are different in some cases. Eg Isaias for Isaiah, Jonas for Jonah.

Translate WEB version into Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan or Esperanto

Translate passage:


(note: passage should be in the form:  BOOK Chapter  [Verse [End-verse] ]  - )

Bible Software

A while back, I acquired a machine-readable copy of the WEB Bible translation ( ) and was doing a number of text processing things with it. Here are some programs to use  if you'd like to use the WEB Bible (Douay or King James, now):

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