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Just as pa' 'oH physical laws vetlh govern the physical, universe vaj 'oH pa' spiritual laws which govern lij relationship tlhej. joH'a'

[LAW ONE] joH'a' muSHa'taH SoH je offers a wonderful PLAN vaD lij. yIn

( References contained Daq vam Home Page 'oH linked Daq the actual verses vo' the Bible je should taH read Daq context wherever. possible)

God's parmaq
" joH'a' vaj loved the world vetlh ghaH gave Daj wa' je neH, puqloD vetlh whoever believes Daq ghaH DIchDaq ghobe', perish 'ach ghaj eternal" yIn ( John3:16 ) NIV.

God's Plan
[ Christ] speaking " jIH came vetlh chaH might ghaj, yIn je might ghaj 'oH" abundantly [ vetlh 'oH might taH teblu'ta' je] meaningful ( John10:10).

qatlh 'oH 'oH vetlh HochHom ghotpu 'oH ghobe' experiencing the abundant? yIn
. Because..

[LAW TWO] Man 'oH yemqu'taH je SEPARATED vo'. joH'a' , vaj ghaH cannot Sov je experience God's parmaq je plan vaD Daj. yIn

Man 'oH yemqu'taH
" Hoch ghaj sinned je pum short vo' the glory vo'" joH'a' ( Romans3:23).
Man ghaHta' created Daq ghaj fellowship tlhej; joH'a' , 'ach because vo' Daj stubborn- self, DichDaq ghaH chose Daq go Daj own independent, way je fellowship tlhej joH'a' ghaHta'. broken vam- self, DichDaq characterized Sum an attitude vo' active rebellion joq passive, indifference 'oH an evidence vo' nuq the Bible calls. sin

Man 'oH Separated
" The wages vo' sin 'oH" Hegh [ spiritual separation vo'] joH'a' ( Romans6:23).


vam diagram illustrates vetlh joH'a' 'oH le' je man 'oH. yemqu'taH A great gulf separates the. cha' The arrows illustrate vetlh man 'oH continually trying Daq reach joH'a' je the abundant yIn vegh Daj own, efforts such as a QaQ, yIn , philosophy joq religion- 'ach ghaH inevitably. fails

The third chutghachmey explains the neH way Daq bridge vam. gulf..

[LAW THREE] Jesus Christ 'oH God's neH provision vaD man's. sin vegh ghaH SoH can Sov je experience God's parmaq je plan vaD lij. yIn

ghaH Died Daq maj Daq
" joH'a' demonstrates Daj own parmaq toward, maH Daq vetlh while maH were yet, yemwI'pu' Christ died vaD" maH ( Romans5:8).

ghaH Rose vo' the Dead
" Christ died vaD maj. yemmey.. ghaH ghaHta'. buried.. ghaH ghaHta' raised Daq the third, jaj according Daq the. Scriptures.. ghaH appeared Daq, Peter then Daq the. twelve After vetlh ghaH appeared Daq latlh than five. hundred.." (1 Corinthians15:3-6).

ghaH 'oH the neH Way Daq joH'a'
" Jesus said Daq, ghaH 'I 'oH the, way je the, vIt je the; yIn ghobe' wa' comes Daq the, vav 'ach vegh" Me' ( John14:6).


vam diagram illustrates vetlh joH'a' ghajtaH bridged the gulf which separates maH vo' ghaH Sum sending Daj, puqloD Jesus, Christ Daq Hegh Daq the cross Daq maj Daq Daq pay the penalty vaD maj. yemmey

'oH 'oH ghobe' yap just Daq Sov these wej. laws..

[LAW FOUR] maH must individually RECEIVE Jesus Christ as Savior je; joH'a' then maH can Sov je experience God's parmaq je plan vaD maj. lives

maH Must Receive Christ
" As law' as received, ghaH Daq chaH ghaH gave the nIH Daq moj puqpu' vo', joH'a' 'ach Daq chaH 'Iv believe Daq Daj" pong ( John1:12)

maH Receive Christ vegh Faith
" Sum grace SoH ghaj taH saved vegh; faith je vetlh ghobe' vo', yourselves 'oH 'oH the gift vo'; joH'a' ghobe' as a result vo', works vetlh ghobe' wa' should" boast ( Ephesians2:8,9).

ghorgh maH Receive, Christ maH Experience a chu' Birth
( Read John3:1-8.)

maH Receive Christ Sum Personal Invitation
[ Christ] speaking ", Behold jIH stand Daq the door je; knock chugh vay' wa' hears wIj voice je opens the, door jIH DichDaq ghoS Daq Daq" ghaH ( Revelation3:20).

Receiving Christ involves turning Daq joH'a' vo' self() repentance je trusting Christ Daq ghoS into maj lives Daq forgive maj yemmey je Daq chenmoH maH nuq ghaH wants maH Daq. taH Just Daq agree intellectually vetlh Jesus Christ 'oH the puqloD vo' joH'a' je vetlh ghaH died Daq the cross vaD maj yemmey 'oH ghobe'. yap ghobe' 'oH 'oH yap Daq ghaj an emotional . experience maH receive Jesus Christ Sum faith, as an vang vo' the DichDaq.

These cha' circles represent cha' kinds vo': lives

[Self-Directed Life] [Christ-Directed Life]

Which circle best describes lij? yIn
Which circle would SoH rur Daq ghaj represent lij? yIn

The following explains chay' SoH can receive: Christ

Y ou C an R eceive C hrist R ight N ow Sum F aith T hrough P rayer
( Prayer 'oH talking Daq) joH'a'

joH'a' SovtaH lij tIq je 'oH ghobe' vaj concerned tlhej lij words as ghaH 'oH tlhej the attitude vo' lij. tIq The following 'oH a suggested: prayer

" joH'a', Jesus jIH need. SoH tlho' SoH vaD dying Daq the cross vaD wIj. yemmey jIH open the door vo' wIj yIn je receive SoH as wIj Savior je. joH'a' tlho' SoH vaD forgiving wIj yemmey je giving jIH eternal. yIn tlhap control vo' the throne vo' wIj. yIn chenmoH jIH the kind vo' person SoH want jIH Daq. taH"

ta'taH vam prayer express the desire vo' lij? tIq

chugh 'oH, ta'taH jIH invite SoH Daq pray vam prayer nIH, DaH je Christ DichDaq ghoS into lij, yIn as ghaH. promised

DaH vetlh SoH ghaj received. Christ..

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