Message from Romulus

skofvahbhoadt'i'rhaehwiy-uy e rh -- iuk'hiaem
Ahamna d'aeuthta'jhaeswe't bh ihwhoairraev
ekodah d'oalli'rhiyhwiyhvie  urhoiuk'hiaes
Arraer htoatheitrs'hswaihr ;  e , aeiit'd'um
Irrodie th l'ta'lhiymnailie;  e rhoiirr'uz
Isodielhaoll E'rhs'hmniyl   amnueeet'd iv
erraerah th lleafviyswe't y aawh -- ee'ssiaev
Irrifv  th theijhaemniy-ou  e mnoiurr iz
AReimnahbhaeudt'eitraerhiylie;  aamnueiuk'har
arrimnabhoathijhaehwiyhrouy udhae rr'aes
sRae ad' nta'lhs'hnve'lou  uwhoa rr'iaez
asamn  th ll Ejheirhiytiewh e ,  -- eet'd is
Isae  lhaeunta'trs'hswiyhrie;  ihwhaeiu'ss iv
errori d'oatheilhaesw hr wh awhaeirr'um
arraefvathoal'ta'fv rhe'louy e dhaeiut'diaer
Aheifv thoadt'eitriynvae-iewh e mnoaeerr' im
Arrorah bh neilhaerhael wh ihdhaeiit'dav
arrae ad' neatr rh touy arhaeii'ss'um
Aha   bh n Ejhs'hswaehriebh aarhuei'ss'um

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Dictionary is based on a variety of sources, including Diane Duane's novels and the work of the Institute of Ra'tleihfi Department of Xenosociology lexicon Romulan Dictionary -  . It is available for download: PC and open source versions.  

To generate a block of "Rihansu Text" per Diane Duane's original algorithm click here.

Romulan Message Generator - short program from Diane Duane's web site to generate Romulan message texts.   Includes Windows 9x executable and C source.

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