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New!  Updated classic Windows UTA program to include Galactic Phrasebook Functionality!

Romulan Message Generator - short program from Diane Duane's web site to generate Romulan message texts.   Includes Windows 9x executable and C source.

UTA Perl/TK directions.... see here for the newest tool from the UTA project

                      Programs from the UTA project to read the WEB Bible translation and translate it into different alien languages.

Command line UTA and other Klingon

Language Software:

Universal Translator Assistant  - NOW - with Esperanto and  large (> 2000 words) vocabularies!  Use the "esper.lng" vocabulary file for Esperanto!     

pojwI' - Klingon Analyzer

This is d'Armond Speer's Classic Klingon Language Analyzer available here, with the ability to grow the vocabulary.   note: this version ships with a modest 10% of the Klingon Language.


To use the command line UTA program, unzip or in a directory and run uta.exe.     This version expects to find the .lng files in the current directory.

The source files lets you specify a home directory for the .lng files (check the Makefile).  Note:  the source files come from a DOS-ish machine.  That means you need to remove the ^M's if you compile it on a Unix machine.  But if you're using it on Unix system you probably know all about that kind of stuff!

I'm really enjoying (and recommending the gcc package for Windows 95/98/NT) from Cygnus: take a look!  It is *FREE*

(why no open source VB version?  1) I don't want anyone to look at it (blech), 2) It is VB3 (old) 3) I'm not sure I even have the source around....

HOW TO USE pojwI' - Klingon Analyzer    

Unzip the DOS or Windows binaries in a directory and run the exe file - vocab files are expected to be in the current directory.


My Commodore 64 Speaks Klingon!  And yours can too!!!

Classic UTA programs:

Universal Translator Assistant image

How do I use UTA?

In the Open Source version

Simply run it and it will allow you to type English words and phrases - when you press enter it will print every word that it has mapped to Klingon.   Unmapped words are printed with brackets.

The programs starts in "AUTO" mode - translating English words to Galactic and Galactic to English as it finds them. In case the word is in both sides it assumes you are giving English.

To translate from English, press "!" to set English only input.

To translate from the target language back to English) type "!" again (no quotes), and enter. Mode switches to "galactic" (i.e. Klingon, Vulcan, etc.)

Pressing "!" again switches back to Auto mode.

To read a different language file, type <filename (for example, <vulcan.lng).

For help, type "?" (no quotes) and enter.

In the Windows version

Simply run it and it will allow you to type English words and phrases in the top window - when you press enter (or click the button to the left) it will print every word in that it has mapped to Klingon in the lower window. Unmapped words are printed with brackets. (unless you choose to NOT display un-mapped word.)

To re-translate (from the target language back to English) press enter in the lower text box, or press its corresponding button.

You may run the map against a whole file - the output is put into a file called "outputa.uta" or "outputb.uta" (for files mapped out of language A or B, respectively.)

Upper versus lower case can matter, so a button is provided for UTA to ignore or consider case.

For testing, the WEB translation of Psalm 23 is provided for you.(ps23.txt)

You may edit the map file (uta.lng), or create new ones (they just have to end in the suffix .lng).

The menu choice "edit current language file" opens a frame to edit the current language database word-by-word.

Language files should be of the form:





Lexter - a serious tool for the Alien linguist.  Well, maybe not terribly serious, but it doesn't do mock translations.  It is a handy dictionary manager for any language.

Lexter Support Page - the Alien Lexicon Tool

Extra vocabularies:

Some Classic SF Langauage Software

(you may need to get VBRUN300.dll to run these if you don't have vbrun300.dll, a quick search on yahoo  will find it for you or look here What is VBRUN300.DLL and where do I get it?.)

Bible Software

A while back, I acquired a machine-readable copy of the WEB Bible translation ( ) and was doing a number of text processing things with it. Here are some programs to use  if you'd like to use the WEB Bible (or King James, now):

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