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Klingon Language Version
World English Bible
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Looking for  Psalm 
1:1     |  ghurtaH  ghaH the  loD  'Iv  ta'be'
	 yIt  Daq the  qeS  vo' the  mIgh,
1:1      ghobe'  Qam  Daq the way  vo'  yemwI'pu',
1:1      ghobe'  ba'  Daq the seat  vo' scoffers;
1:2     |  'ach  Daj  tIv  ghaH  Daq  joH'a'
1:2      Daq  Daj  chut  ghaH  ja''eghqa'taH
	 jaj  je  ram.
1:3     |  ghaH  DIchDaq  taH  rur a  Sor planted
	 Sum the streams  vo'  bIQ,
1:3      vetlh brings  vo' its  baQ  Daq its
1:3      'Iv  Sornav  je  ta'taH  ghobe' wither.
1:3     Whatever  ghaH  ta'taH  DIchDaq  chep.
1:4     | The  mIgh  'oH  ghobe'  vaj,
1:4      'ach  'oH  rur the  yub  nuq the 
	SuS drives  DoH.
1:5     |  vaj the  mIgh  DIchDaq  ghobe'  Qam
	 Daq the  yoj,
1:5      ghobe'  yemwI'pu'  Daq the  tay' ghotpu'
	 vo' the  QaQtaHghach.
1:6     |  vaD  joH'a'  SovtaH the way  vo'
	the  QaQtaHghach,
1:6      'ach the way  vo' the  mIgh  DIchDaq
Looking for Psalm 
1:1     | Blessed is the man who doesn’t walk
	in the counsel of the wicked,
1:1     nor stand in the way of sinners,
1:1     nor sit in the seat of scoffers;
1:2     | but his delight is in Yahweh’s { Note: “Yahweh”
	is God’s proper Name, sometimes rendered
	“LORD” (all caps) in other translations. } 
1:2     law.
1:2     On his law he meditates day and night.
1:3     | He will be like a tree planted by
	the streams of water,
1:3     that brings forth its fruit in its
1:3     whose leaf also does not wither.
1:3     Whatever he does shall prosper.
1:4     | The wicked are not so,
1:4     but are like the chaff which the wind
	drives away.
1:5     | Therefore the wicked shall not stand
	in the judgment,
1:5     nor sinners in the congregation of
	the righteous.
1:6     | For Yahweh knows the way of the righteous,
1:6     but the way of the wicked shall perish.

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