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Galactic Phrase Books

I have collected resources here regarding the Galactic languages as presented in the Star Trek television, film and books.
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Klingon Phrasebook!
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Here are some things I've translated into tlhIngan Hol

Here's an experimental JavaScript tlhIngan Hol Phrasebook.

(Local copy) Romulan Dictionary

Romulan Language info: from Diane Duane
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Unofficial Klingon Language FAQ

Unofficial Vulcan Language FAQ The InterGalactic Missionary Society
As a member of the Klingon Language Institute, I translated this for the Klingon Bible Translation Project. This isn't necessarily the final product, but have a look!
Psalm 117

        joH'a' yInaD Hoch qorDu'pu'
        yIquvmoH Hoch ghotpu'
        'ej reH taHtaH vItDaj.

joH'a' yInaD !

DIvI'-Hol (English)

O praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.

For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD.

tlHIngan-Hol // Federation Standard joH'a' yInaD Hoch qorDu'pu'

N: joH'a': big lord.

V: yInaD: you(imp:sg/pl)-(no.object)/him/her/it praise, commend, approve.

N: Hoch: everyone, all, everything.

N: qorDu'pu': (pl) family

yIquvmoH Hoch ghotpu'

V: yIquvmoH: you(imp:sg/pl)-(no.object)/him/her/it honor.

N: Hoch: everyone, all, everything.

N: ghotpu': (pl) person.


V: numuSHa'qu'mo': he/she/it/they-us because of really not hate, detest.

'ej reH taHtaH vItDaj.

N: 'ej: and.

N: reH: always.

V: taHtaH: on-going be at a negative angle, continue, endure, go on.

N: vItDaj: his/her truth.

joH'a' yInaD !

N: joH'a': big lord.

V: yInaD: you(imp:sg/pl)-(no.object)/him/her/it praise, commend, approve.

Copyright 1995, Klingon Language Institute

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